Monday, June 21, 2004

Whoops, Wrong Airport

Seems like these Northwest Airlines pilots made a bit of a wrong turn, landing at an Air Force base instead of the planned Rapid City, South Dakota airport. Read the article here.

Wasn't it Northwest Airlines that had the problem with drunk pilots a few years back. Anyone else see a connection?

I remember a similar thing used to happen in Nashville every once in a while. The Smyrna airport has a similar runway configuration (a 19/1 runway and a 14/32 runway) to the Nashville International (BNA) airport (with three parallel 20/2 runways and one 13/31 runway). The Smyrna airport is about 12 miles south of BNA, and many a disoriented VFR pilot used to make this mistake before BNA added the parallel runways and a huge terminal.


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