Thursday, June 17, 2004

My name is Gump. I'm a DVD Collector.

Last night I realized I had a problem. I thought it was an isolated incident, but now I realize that it truly is a condition I need to acknowledge and do something about.

The condition? Chronic DVD Collection Syndrome.

I mean, it's not as bad as collecting Beanie Babies or action figures or Civil War chess sets, but I realized with my trip to Border's two nights ago that it is an issue.

I started out collecting The Sopranos DVD sets. Got the first season, now I have all four seasons that are out on disk. It started with The Simpsons, now I have four seasons. Curb Your Enthusiasm? Yep, got both the first and second seasons at Border's on Tuesday (the day it came out - at least I didn't camp out for them).

My fear is that The Simpsons is now on the 14th or 15th season. Will I ever be able to stop? Or am I going to be spending upwards of $1000 on Simpsons DVDs?

Lord knows what I will do when Seinfeld comes out on DVD. This is scary stuff.

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