Monday, November 21, 2005

New SBC/AT&T Logo...

SBC's acquisition of AT&T is finally complete, and last week they launched the new AT&T logo. What do you think?

I like the way it looks - it's definitely more "AT&T" than "SBC," but it doesn't say anything to me. It just looks like the "Death Star" AT&T logo gussied up a bit and tilted on its axis.

Now, for SBC, anything is better than their dreadful logo:

But I don't see any SBC branding in this new logo at all. With the amount SBC has seemed to spend on national marketing over the past year, that would seem to me to be a mistake.

I blogged on the Sprint/Nextel new logo here, not realizing that it's main graphic is a representation of the "pin drop" (very cool once you see it). But the new Death Star doesn't tell us anything, other than AT&T is about world domination.

Love to hear other thoughts...


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Brad said...

The new logo grows on me. The globe is more of a world-wide interconnectivity, but the lower case at&t is kind of friendly and inviting....versuse the "We will assimilate you" feeling you would get from all caps.