Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Thank Goodness for TiVo

Last night was the LSU vs. Tennessee game. The game was supposed to be played on Saturday, but concerns about Hurricane Rita delayed it until last night. (The delay caused several other "domino" issues as well, including UT having to travel to and from Baton Rouge yesterday, and also play an away football game against a #4 team on the same day, too.)

Needless to say it wasn't a good recipe for football. Last night I was frustrated more than I had ever been watching a football game in my life.

At halftime, the game was 21-0, with Tennessee unable to get the ball past their very own 35 yard line. Awful, awful football. Ainge, our starting quarterback, couldn't do squat.

I turned the game off at halftime, something I have almost never done before. Thankfully, TiVo'ed the game from that point forward.

This morning I wake up to see several messages on my cell phone, all posted past 11:00 pm. I knew what that meant. Before listening to the messages (knowing that something must have happened), I went down and watched the 4th quarter and overtime on the 'ole TiVo. Snippet from ESPN.com:

The LSU transfer led the Vols back from a three-touchdown deficit and Gerald Riggs Jr. pushed into the end zone from a yard out in overtime to give Tennessee a 30-27 win Monday night in LSU's long-awaited, hurricane-delayed home opener.

Well, I think we figured out the UT quarterback controversy for once and for all. Sorry, Ainge. It's Clausen v.2.0!

Hopefully, Tennessee can turn a new page here. While I know traveling down there and playing on the same day was tough, there is no excuse for the sloppy play we saw last night and basically throughout the first three games of the year.


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