Monday, August 15, 2005

Terrell Owens Needs To Get a Life

Watch any SportsCenter last week? Listened to any sports talk radio? Read any sports pages lately?

If you have, you've read all about Baby Terrell.

I just got done reading this editorial by Sports Illustrated's Peter King.

Awesome. Agree 100%. Snippet:

Go back to the Eagles on Wednesday, T.O., shut that massive piehole, play football and try to prove to some of us who think you're the worst kind of problem with American sports today that we're wrong. Please.

Gotta love it.

And if the Eagles don't waver here, I'll be a fan for life. This is what is wrong with pro sports.



Brian said...

Quick question... so some of the things Terrell has done in the past may have been wrong... but what is so wrong with asking for a little recognition for his 100th TD? That's like hitting your 500th in baseball. Also wasn't it Irvin who said the eagles would win with Favre? T.O. commented about it but never mentioned anything of degrading matter about Mcnabb. So... where is it that T.O. should be apologizing? Nowhere, the eagles should be apologizing to T.O. Yes that's right, anyone that knows anything about P.R. or pro sports itself should know he should have been recognized.

Anonymous said...

TO is the best wide receiver in the game today, and it's not him, but the media, that has made such an ordeal over everything because they have nothing better to do.

GO T.O.!!