Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Mark Cuban Interview About Blogging

Mark Cuban, the founder of Broadcast.com and now billionaire owner of the Dallas Mavericks does a cover story interview with the Online Journalism Review.

In the interview, Mark talks about how he's using his blog to strike back at people who tick him off. That list includes Donald Trump, members of the NBA and several lucky journalists. Snippet:

The media has always known that the power of the word can be immense. With one paragraph, execs and businesses can be impacted significantly. Blogs create a balance. Now if a blog is well read, or read by those in the media who are looking for any chance to swipe at their competitors, a smartly written blog can turn the tables.

I think this new checks-and-balances scenario will make media much stronger. Look at the controversy over whether Bush's records were forged or not. It's bloggers vs CBS. That's a great example of the power and value of blogging.

Cuban has always been very opinionated and controversial. That's why I like him. He also acquired Jason Terry, one of my favorite Atlanta Falcons players.

And he gets blogs, and the idea that they can be used effectively to create dialogue with media (and consumers) and sometimes share a side of stories that some reporters don't cover.

Good read. Enjoy.


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