Monday, June 26, 2006

Digg 3.0 Alive & Well is one of my favorite sites. It's the pioneer of the “democratic editorial control” model. While sites like Google News and Yahoo! use algorithms to determine which news stories are most popular and should be placed on the home page, empowers readers to vote and “digg” on which stories receive top placement. Digg calls this user powered content. How nice. is very popular with the technology community. (You can see that influence in the content that’s on the home page. Remember it’s the readers that selected it.)’s traffic stats rival that of more traditional sites like, with over 800,000 unique visitors a day and 9 million plus page views.

This (Monday) morning, 3.0 launched. The new Digg continues to showcase users’ editorial selections in technology but will now include “containers” for broader subject categories as well – including entertainment, world & business, gaming, science and online video. Digg’s going mainstream and looking to take a chunk out of at the same time.

With site traffic to Digg doubling every two months, expect to see more – much more - of Digg and also expect to see more news aggregator sites embrace the “user editorial control” model.

What does this mean for PR? It means we must ensure we are diligent in the online communities, getting key influencers to show preference for our stories. In the democratic editorial control model, stories that get “voted off the island” by the influencers will never reach the larger audiences.

Check out v.3.0 here.



Anonymous said...

Are you like the Larry King of the Internet or something? Your blog is like commentary after 4th of July fireworks: Yeah, we all saw that one too. If you want to advertise sites and products then nobody will read. That's the power of blogs like scobleizer. Just keep moving and have something meaningful to say without pitching the camera. Or maybe rebrand your blog. Hate to be harsh but something seems weird here.

Gump said...


Thanks for the comment. I think you're mistaking the "ad" in Admagination for "advertising" rather than "Adam" - my first name. Although being in the marketing/communications industry, I do write about it quite a bit.

My posts are about what I like and what I enjoy reading about. Nothing more. Sure, they might not be on the "bleeding edge" but that's my choice.

Larry King line was funny, though. Made me laugh out loud.


Lauren C said...

Im surprised that digg hasn't become more popular in the last few years. I was on one of my ab machines when I came across this old post, and it made me think of how digg just really never caught on to mass appeal.