Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Do You Squidoo? I Do. is a new spin on consumer generated media (CGM). It's not a wiki, it's not a blog, it's something somewhere in the middle.

Those who write on are called LensMasters. What they write are called Lens.

I took a stab at writing a Squidoo Lens a few weeks ago on Personalized Media. You can take a look at it here at

As we start 2006, it's going to be interesting to see where consumer generated media is going. CGM is a lot of work for writers. Are today's blogs going to become the GeoCities or Tripod ghost towns of this decade? Remember those? Free Web sites! Many set them up (or just registered for them) but never went back to update.

I like the idea. I don't quite understand the revenue model, but I am sure that Seth Godin and Friends have thought about that.


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